Project SMART is a pilot project that has established effectiveness of Assistive Technology Software for Children with Special Needs (CWSN)

  • Specially developed to address the requirements of Learning problems/ disabilities.
  • Development & Deployment of special software and Assistive technology aids and appliances.
  • 10 titles have been developed.
  • The entire software design, specifications has been worked out with the help of special educators.
  • It is presently catering to the needs of Children With Special Needs including for those for slow learners and Learning
Deployment of Project SMART
Feedback received from Special Schools:

Enhances Vocabulary, Entertaining, Faster and better learning, Increase Functional Skills, Increases Grasping power, Enhances the capacity of learning, Increase Alphabetical and numerical ability,Identification of various Objects,Improves I.Q. level, Increases Attention Span,Improvement of eye contact

Motivation to remain focused on task, Understands the surroundings, Improvement of Mouse Handling, Concentration, Eye - hand coordination, Improved in fine Motor Skills

Improves memory, Improvement in English and Hindi apart from mother tongue, recognition of animals, Creates zeal and self confidence, Increases intellectual capacity

Reduces the restlessness, Improves Academic skill, unique approach of learning, visual and with sound Moulds the little minds, Audio - Visual teaching Aid

Effectiveness of the Special Software – Project SMART
  • Children have increased their educational capacity.
  • The programme has created zeal and self confidence in them.
  • The programmed has also increased their intellectual capacity.
  • The Audio-Visual impact of the programme has proved more effective for the development.
  • The software has proved to be not only educative and informative but also enjoyable for the children to work on. 
  • It has also developed willingness to learn new things.
  • The programme has helped the children to increase concentration, reduced the restlessness.
  • The children have become capable of operating keyboard and mouse through this programme.
  • By developing IT and educational skills, the CWSN can take IT application as a vocation also.
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