Establishment and running of a Primary School at Chhattarpur


We have been running the school – Gabriel English Medium School since last 5 years at Chhattarpur, Delhi for Normal children and CWSN. In this school we teach 100% charity basis children from EWS who are first generation learners. The number of children is 201 and classes covered are Nusery, Lkg, Kg, 1 to 4. It has a staff of Nine people who impart education in an inclusive manner.

The latest addition to our school's asset is a Personal Computer, which introduces the IT world to these small innocent village children. To them it is a dream comes true to touch, feel and work with so called machine, computer School has provided Computer educational facility to the children for computer education as well computer education aid through educational software. More computer system and educational software has added.


Mrs. Malini Singhal from U.K donated Library book which is useful for Nursery to 1V her coming to India on August 2007. Mr. Ajay chikersal donated useful book on the month of August 2009.


We have appoint three graduate staff from Nagaland , adding four more staff we have 9 staff in total. 3 staff is assigned for Nursery and LKG (120 students) and rest staff is assigned in each respective classes like KG, Class I, II, III and IV standard keeping in mined that the school is non – profitable school, all the staffs understands its limitation and pay salary in very less, which we honored to have them in school. When we need fund for the school and when financial crises arise some of the staff didn’t take their salary for the sake of the school.
The Staff at GEMS Students in a class

The children attending GEMS are from Muslim background and amongst the poorest and socially / economically disadvantaged section of society. They are the first generation learners, thus they don’t get any academic support from their parents. No keenness among the parents to educate their children because of poverty, the parent’s focus on their children’s earnings rather than children’s education. We have also observed that parents are not keen to educate their children. Also parents focus on trying child labor for money because of poverty rather than educating the child In July’2005 we began our mission with 12 students. Day-by-day parents extended their co-operation, seeing the improvement of students and today 201students from the poor families get free education.
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