Project SMART is a pilot project that has established effectiveness of Assistive Technology Software for Children with Special Needs (CWSN)
  Project Targeted Intervention for high risk group – IDU’s partnered with DSACS – Delhi State Aids Control Society  
  To increase the utilization of risk reduction services by IDUs in west Delhi (MAYAPURI, RAGHUBIR NAGAR & VIKASPURI).
The Project will provide risk reduction services to at least 400 IDUs.

We are running a school – Gabriel English Medium School for the underpriveleged children at Village Satbari, Chhattarpur, Delhi. In this school we teach on charity basis to children from slums and extremely weak financial background. All the children are first generation learners. The number of children a present is 201 and classes covered are Nusery, Lkg, Kg, 1 to 4. The school is run by volunteers who are dedicated to educating children of underpriveleged section. New children are admitted each year, by campaigining in the adjoining area about the importance of schooling. The school started in the year 2005 and is still running in 2011.

In the photo above, we can see some students in a class.

We are running a well-established & stocked Homoeopathic clinic in Village Zamrudpur, Delhi.. It is located in Gurdwara of Zamrudpur. Dr. Archna, a very well qualified and experienced doctor treats almost 25-30 patients daily. The treatment consists of free Consultation and Medicines. Most of the patients treated are either old or from low-income group.
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